About  Dr. Michael and Jacinta Lee and
Destiny Mentoring Institute

Destiny Mentoring Institute is the manifestation of God’s
handiwork as he has unveiled the mystery of these two callings. The ministry
began when God directed the paths of Dr. Michael Lee and Jacinta Cole to
come together out of the ashes of their own personal testimonies and join their
powerful mantles yielding to the calling and birthing a movement.

Their Marriage and life together have become a model for those who are
standing on God's spoken word and refuse to settle for anything less than
God's very best.
Dr. Michael and Jacinta Lee walk in an uncommon place of power and authority
in the Spiritual realm, and their lives reflect their time spent in the secret place
with God.
Whether it is a simple house prayer meeting, or a National TV program, Dr
Michael and Jacinta deliver truth in love, without apology.

The birthing of DMI is the revelation of what true restoration looks like in the
lives of real people who are sold out to the cause of God. Church protocol and
religious rules do not cut it any more, neither can we tolerate a powerless,
anemic, impotent, seeker friendly corporation calling itself the house of God.

The time has come for a move of God...DMI is a catalyst for this timely display
of God's miracle working power.

Dr. Michael and Jacinta are coming to a church near you and you will see for
yourself what a true apostolic and prophetic anointing looks like.

You are now able to tune in to their National TV program in on Destiny TV.

In addition to Destiny TV, Dr Michael and Jacinta are Lead Pastors at the
newly planted Destiny Church of Ocala.

This Holy Ghost Church is the talk of Marion County Florida. Documented
miracles, signs and true wonders are a common occurrence at Destiny Church.   
This is a 1st century church in the 21st century, with a book of Acts style
approach to Holy Ghost and Fire!

DMI has re-tooled the Destiny TV arm of the ministry and proudly delivers a
vast spectrum of programs, offering hope through a diversity of Christian

Our goal at Destiny TV is to:

•        EVANGELIZE the world
•        INSPIRE the children of God
•        CREATE a platform for ministries to express their gift’s and talents.

We believe by offering the best of today’s ministry and inspirational worship to our
viewers, we can accomplish our goal.  Delivering anointed preaching, teaching, inspiring
worship, and daily edification, Destiny is making a difference in the world.
Destiny TV  is now reaching more than one hundred countries around the world via
IPTV. As a developer for ROKU box and GOOGLE apps, Destiny also has a channel
on the ROKU box reaching into over 12 Million homes. Check it out @ www.roku.com
or go to the GOOGLE app STORE and search Destiny TV.
Even if you are a Dish Network customer, just order the HOPPER and download the
Destiny TV app and watch 24/7 Christian TV or browse the VOD channels. Direct TV
viewers need to upgrade to the GENIE and also download the Destiny TV app and you
can watch 24/7 on Direct TV. We are available on every Smart phone, Tablet, and Smart
TVs around the World!

Through media networking, Destiny TV is reaching the entire continent of North
America, connecting homes and hearts for Jesus.

All Time Warner Customers in 28 States also have access to Destiny TV via their
agreement with ROKU.

WGOM channel 10 Panama City is the flagship station and reaches through cable
channel 2 on Fairpoint Communications nine NW Florida counties from Panama City
east to Tallahassee and don’t forget the live 24/ web stream on this web site streaming
around the world. Also Channel 10 Panama City has just been granted permission by
the FCC to go digital and will expand to three other channels when that happens.

Tune in daily and feast on the Word of God, please prayerfully consider supporting
Destiny TV and DMI with a monthly love gift...The world is waiting, can we count on