We are the Footprint in North and Central America! With the Destiny IPTV uplink connected to several
Networks including ROKU, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, IPOINT, ONE BOX, and GLOBAL VISION, Destiny TV
now has a footprint that includes The United States of America, (including all of Alaska, and Hawaii, Canada,
Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Rep., and the Bahamas, As
well as all of Europe, Asia, and the middle east.
Destiny Chose IPTV because the technology is cutting edge and reaches anywhere there is an Internet connection. The cost is a fraction of satellite
coverage without the bulky installation, and overpriced bandwidth. For literally pennies on the dollar Destiny reaches the entire world. No more costly
satellite feeds, and bulky equipment to install. Simply purchase a set top box (such as ROKU) from your local Radio Shack for around $60.00 US dollars,
and plug in your Internet feed and you are watching thousands of movies and hundreds of channels including Destiny TV!...It is that simple.

Since the birth of ROKU millions of set top boxes (STB) have been sold across the North American Continent and in countries all across the globe. 4% of
the American Population have purchased ROKU and have Destiny TV in their home. Europe leads the way in STBs sold with tens of million sold and
watched. Destiny TV is working everyday to be added to each new box that comes out and we are currently watched in more than 100 countries around
the world.

By joining the Destiny TV family, you are exposing your ministry/business to millions of new viewers each week. Many new TV sets are now equipped with
a hard drive and Internet connection. Simply logging on to the web site and streaming the 24/7 Destiny stream is also a way to access the wonderful
programming on Destiny TV. This new technology is basically like putting the STB inside your TV. You will have access to thousands of channels
including Destiny TV, so why not get on board and let Destiny share your message to millions and millions on new viewers that have never heard of you

If you have ever thought of moving your ministry/business to a global platform, now is the time and Destiny TV is the platform!

Are you ready to speak to Canada, Mexico, and the entire USA? How about Africa, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East?

For more information on STBs, please visit our web site:


Several local television stations across the country, as well as many small networks, have become Destiny affiliates. These affiliates total more than 14
television stations in 60 cable networks in nine states– with more committing every month. This means, when they do not have local programming on the
air, they air Destiny TV on their network adding their footprint to that of Destiny TV immediately.

As a result of these affiliates having already established viewership in their markets, any programmer connected with Destiny TV will enjoy the immediate
benefits of that viewership without needing to promote in that area. As a programmer, you will have hundreds of thousands more viewers who are not
even on iptv.  You will be tapping into markets that would have never been cost effective to access before. Now Destiny TV bring those markets to you,
all for the same low price.

By offering a lucrative split to these affiliate stations, Destiny TV will help them expand their market and retrieve much of the cost of operation, thus
establishing a long lasting relationship with each of them.

We have a limited number of time slots available. While everyone is welcomed to apply for a place on the Destiny TV, we reserve the right to reject
programming that does not meet the Destiny TV programming requirements.

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”
- Leonard Ravenhill


For The past several years Destiny TV has been preparing
for this moment. We have launched four TV stations, secured
channels on several cable companies, negotiated band width,
set up fiber connections, purchased encoding equipment,
automation systems, and studio gear, in preparation for the
uplink phase of this operation.

It is finally here! IPTV is the latest in cutting edge
technology and Destiny TV in on the front lines leading
the way. Your message will reach over 100 countries and into every city in North America coming to you Live from Ocala, Florida USA. Destiny TV is one
of the greatest values in the TV market today.


From the beautiful city of Destin, Florida east to Alligator Point and north to the Alabama Line we blanket the Panhandle of Florida.

Whether you are looking to reach this local area, or target the south east region, or even tap into foreign audiences Destiny can help get you there.


An IPTV backbone provides an all-inclusive solution to move any form of content and reach select or wide audiences at “finger snap” speed.
Interoperating with terrestrial and wireless technologies, Destiny TV has positioned itself for the great harvest at warp speed.

•        Scale Engine, our contracted partner has a fully redundant IPTV platform that continues to keep a strong signal flowing to our viewers 24/7 year
•        We will also have access to DISH and Direct TV satellite systems through our providers platform. We connect to Dish Network Genie and Direct TV
Hopper via Destiny TV App.
•        In addition, when we are now broadcasting to Europe, and the Middle East, as well as Africa and Asia. IPTV is truly global and we offer it to you
•        At a fraction of the costs associated with satellite.
•        Becoming a Destiny TV programmer positions your for the greatest harvest your ministry has ever imagined.
•        Destiny TV airs non offensive 30 and 60 second advertisement spots, we are
able to keep the standard prices much lower than networks with equal foot prints and growth potential.
•        Success is always at the intersection of preparation and opportunity! Have you been preparing for the next level in media ministry? Have you been
believing and praying for a Jehovah size opportunity to manifest? Have you been asking God to “enlarge your territory?”


At Destiny TV we believe that it is our calling to fill the void that is being left by larger Christian television ministries that have moved into Christian
entertainment. As God redefines their mission, he also assigns us to our mission.

At Destiny TV, our desire is to air Spirit-Filled anointed programming that draws people to the cross and changes lives. Powerful worship services with
anointed preaching and ministry is what we are known for.

Destiny TV is television that changes lives and destinies for the glory of God!


If you would like to know more about Destiny TV contact us today!

Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm EST

Mailing Address: Destiny TV, P.O. Box 770804, Ocala, FL 34477



Dr. Michael and Jacinta Lee would like to thank you for your interest in Destiny TV and the time that you have invested in making your decision.

We share the dream of reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and touching individuals at their point of felt need.

We look forward to partnering with you in ministry and helping you carry out the call!
Let us know if we can serve you in this media platform.

Until then, Blessings,

Dr. Michael and Jacinta Lee