You are about to learn why cable companies are afraid...and have a little fun in the process!

If you haven't tried ROKU then you owe it to yourself to click the link can thank us later!
You won't believe this even after you read it, but this is the absolute best invention since cable TV...The ROKU box! Hundreds of channels, movies, TV series, and
Oh yeah...Destiny TV
If you have wireless internet in your home, simply plug in this tiny little box and connect it to your television with the composite wires or HDMI cable and you are
ready to watch.
Your Destiny TV 24/7 Christian Family programming is waiting for you to navigate to the channel store in the ROKU menu and simply click on the Destiny TV LOGO.
Destiny TV is a channel developer for ROKU and we can develop a channel for your church or ministry. Not only can we build your own channel, we can maintain
the content and help you develop a following for much less than an average outreach program costs in the local church.